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Jane Green

MP Pic Jane Green

Jane Green

Independent Supply Chain and Logistics Consultant

MP Pic Jane Green

Q1: Please introduce yourself and give your potted career history to date.
Jane Green: I operate as an independent consultant focusing on Supply Chain and Logistics. My career started as a Graduate Trainee in “Distribution” for a manufacturing company. “Distribution” was an area that I had never heard of as a young person but on investigation realised that it would give me early experience of many areas of activity (management, operations, administration, planning), meaning that I could put off making a choice until I had seen something of the work-place! I went on to Supermarket Logistics and then Third Party Logistics – providing solution designs for the European business development team. I enjoyed the project-based work so much that I shifted into Consultancy proper and moved around through a few organisations before ending up as in charge of my own company.

Q2: What is the most rewarding thing about your career?
I have a broad experience of working in many sectors and have met and worked with a wide variety of people. In this ever-changing environment, I am always learning new techniques and getting fresh ideas. I am now in a position where I can use my contacts and industry knowledge not only to develop new work contracts but also to involve myself in wider affairs within the industry. I am a member of the CILT Main Board and I lead the Events work-stream for Women in Logistics UK.

Q3: What is your favourite part of your day?
At the beginning of the day I like to make a list of today’s activities and review my longer-term objectives. It’s good to see items crossed off, even small ones, it also allows me to prioritise or get tasks into perspective sometimes. I know that I am at my most productive in the afternoons, so if I need to write a proposal, or finish off a presentation, that is when I can be most creative. Unfortunately I sometimes get carried away and this cuts into my family time…

Q4: What is your primary measure of success?
Being recognised for real contributions that make a difference.

Q5: When you’re having a really bad day but you have to just keep going, what do you tell yourself?
Delivering to a promised deadline is a must for me. If a project is not going as it should, for whatever reason, I will dedicate additional effort to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

Q6: Did you have role models when you were younger? Do you still have them now? Who were/are they and why?
I don’t recall specific role models but I do recall as a teenager seeing my Mum going back to being a student and applying herself to her studies every evening despite the family mayhem going on around her

Q7: What advice would you give your younger self?
Work on a career plan – at least a 2-year horizon of what is achievable. Find a mentor and work on those goals. Recognise your contribution and your worth to your employer. Don’t let them undervalue you. Keep in contact with colleagues, build up a network of people you know.

Q8: What advice would your younger self give you?
Take advantage of opportunities to use leisure time to broaden horizons, take more time for culture and travel.

Q9: What does the word ‘balance’ mean in your life and how do you achieve it?
I have a family and teenagers, I am lucky enough to work from home, so I can find time during the day for supporting them, even if it means catching up on paid work at the weekend. When the boys were small, my husband and I both worked part-time so we could spend more time with them but still be able to get out into the adult working world.