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Jenny Tipping

Jenny Tipping

Jenny Tipping

HGV Driver and CPC Trainer for Manpower Logistics

Q1: Please introduce yourself and give your potted career history to date.

My name is Jenny Tipping. I am an HGV Driver and CPC Trainer for Manpower Logistics. I have been driving for Manpower on the Royal Mail contract for 4 and a half years and before that I drove for Travis Perkins. Before that I was a postgraduate student Рan unusual career path!

Q2: What is the most rewarding thing about your career?

It is the freedom I love. My mind is free to think while I am at work and being an agency driver, my working hours are flexible to fit round other things.

Q3: What is your favourite part of your day?

I generally do night driving so watching the dawn is always special.

Q4: What is your primary measure of success?

Earning my living in such a way that I am free to explore whatever my mind feels like exploring next. I have a butterfly mind so sitting still or being shut in an office surrounded by people just doesn’t work for me.

Q5: When you’re having a really bad day but you have to just keep going, what do you tell yourself?

Just keep going! Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’ll be right, so you may as well just keep going.

Q6: Did you have role models when you were younger? Do you still have them now? Who were/are they and why?

My Mum and my Grandad have always been role models. Because of when and where they were born, they had to fight for things that I have been able to take for granted.

Q7: What advice would you give your younger self?

Follow your heart first and foremost.

Q8: What advice would your younger self give you?

My younger self didn’t have a clue that women like me existed! Sometimes it is good to remember that.

Q9: What does the word ‘balance’ mean in your life and how do you achieve it?

For me, I like to keep the physical, intellectual and spiritual sides of my life in balance. Work and sport for physical, reading and writing for intellectual and regular meditation and personal development workshops for spiritual.